I love hair and glam metal

23.08.2012 17:31

Long ago, in a time when rock ruled, the hair was big, and guitars that sounded good were cool, there were people who'd hang out till the early hours of the morning in the dead of night, blasting and playing the music they loved. They wore leather, chains, hairspray and had a 6-string around their backs.. They would cause madness, and became a generation of fun, attitude and acceptance. Now over 20+ years later, a new generation exists underneath the current trends. A generation who feels that his time has passed, and he was born too late... In a time of sludgy, nasty guitars, and whailing un-talented singers, aXemAn and others have brought that generation back to life. We have a chance to be that generation, and find the hundreds of those who familiarize themselves with us. This is that generation, this website and others ARE the 'Youth Gone Wild', and those years will always be remembered in the Hair Metal Mansion. PHILOSOPHY OF HAIR METAL MANSION: https://hairbangersradio.ning.com/








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