Graveyard Boogie Band

This band has been playing  blues:-)
This band plays blues:-)
This band will play blues:-)
(and that´s what I like)
once upon a time  (=1968)
We were playing at "Art Heisan's Comic Book Club" downtown which was a bottle club that didn't close to like six in the morning. One night while we were on our last break I went into the bathroom to roll myself a joint. I stuck it in the back of my ear and forgot about it. When we finished I walked out on the street to go back to the hotel and a beat cop stopped me and asked me what was behind my ear. Thirty days later I got out of jail with time served. I had one phone call and one friend with a phone so I called him to let the guys know where I was and to pick up my equipment and take it to his room. When I got out, the band was gone and so was my friend...
then  (=2003)
Well I startedthe Graveyard Boogie Band again.  The whole thing by simply wanting to record my music I've written over the years for my grandchildren. I put them up on at a suggestion from a friend and I was amazed at the response. Now I have a full band playing this music and we are ready to go. The internet has opened up a whole new world for guys like me. And if it weren't for guys like you no one would know who I was
now (=?)
I'm doing the music now that I never had the chance to do before. My goal is to bring back Southern Rock and Roll to its rightful place atop the music world once more and with your help I(we) will succeed!
who is in the band?
Band Members Ruth Lanham - Bass, Andy Riotto - Drums, Jeraid Filion - Guitar, John Lanham - Guitar, Slide Guitar & Vocals 
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