Roy Cox was the co-founder and bassist for psychedelic rock band Bubble Puppy, a Texan psychedelic rock band originally active from 1967 to 1970. They are best remembered for their Top 20 hit, "Hot Smoke & Sassafras". The band parted ways with International Artists and moved to Los Angeles in 1970.  Contractually, they could no longer use the name Bubble Puppy, so they rechristened themselves Damian and released a self-titled album the following year.  The band split up in 1972 due to financial problems. Cox found time to form the Blues Knights. Band included Tony Saracene-Lead Guitars, Slides, Effects +"Bonzai" LaRocca-Harmonicas + Bryan Shaw-Keyboards+Scott "Stingray" Ray-Bass +Arthur "Head" Orona-Drums.  As the Roy Cox and The Bluesknight they released two CDs in 1999 and 2001. While living in New York He formed the NYC Outlaws in September 2007. He played along with Tony Saracene on guitar, Dan Curley on guitar, Cody Willard on guitar, Evan Hammer on bass, and Billy Brooks on drums.   Roy Cox was 64 when he passed away on April 2, 2013. 
Altogether with The Bluesknighs Roy Cox  released two CDs: "Before I Go" in 1999, and "Road To Freedom" in 2001. 
"Before I Go"
Check out this awesome BluesKnight´s ride into history: CD "Before I Go"...  Straight from the heart of Texas, Roy Cox has brought together some of Austin's Blues Allstars to create some of the best Texas Blues/Rock on the Planet! (musicaustin) With guest appearances by Tommy Shannon, Chris Layton, John Unc Turner and Alan Haynes, the songs will have you rockin all night! ROY COX & THE BLUESKNIGHTS have almost sold out of "Before I Go". Roy has been offered a European release with new art and a new song order and he will almost certainly take that offer rather than re-print as he is burning up to get back in the studio for CD number two.The CD, Before I Go, has been a great success. And their 2nd CD, Road to Freedom, will have you dancing in the street! (
"Road To Freedom"
January 1, 2001- Roy Cox and the BluesKnights have just finished recording their new CD, "Road to Freedom".
The CD, "Road to Freedom" brings us Texas Rock that will open many eyes!!! "Roy Cox and the BluesKnights stand in no one's shadow. Driving, upbeat and powerful! Such is the pattern repeated within this recording: hot guitar licks, bass and drums pounding the rhythm, all backing the roadhouse approved vocals of Roy Cox. The 12 songs are all originals, either penned entirely or jointly by Cox, and are first rate indeed. No ballads or pop tunes here, just Texas blues/rock at its very best. Joining Cox are the most capable BluesKnights: Tony Saracene on lead guitars, "Bonzai" LaRocca on harmonica, Bryan Shaw on keyboards, Scot Ray on Bass, and Arthur Orona on drums.The title track may be the overall best one on the set, but there are several others that are also worth mentioning: "Cheap Guitar" is a very interesting song, and sounds a bit like "Dire Straights meets Jackson Browne", "I Can't Wait" is a very hot electric boogie, and "In The City" which features Shannon and Layton and "Rattlin' Bones" are hard driving blues/rock. And last on the set, and certainly not least, is a tremendous tribute "Ballad of John Lee", a most fitting musical biography of the late great Boogie Man. This song alone is worth the price of this exceptionally good CD.(

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